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Not Only In What We Do And Feel,


But Also In Our Quiet Hopes And Labors For Others









Global Events
The rationale behind establishing the Revivot Events is to provide event leaders and professionals with inspirational insights to drive growth in their organisations. Our speaker programme was focused on showcasing the strategic underpinnings necessary to creating tomorrow’s events, rather than providing specific training in the technical fundamentals for all our members.
We have received extensive feedback from our fellow delegates that came away with essential insights and new inspiration success stories which could be employed directly into our event strategies.
We are looking forward to establish our scheduled events as an important industry focal point in the future to enhance the leadership skills and the revivot world's team vision.
Web TV
Our Revivot TV Channel broadcasting 24/7 has been developed by our Company with our production content to offer educational documentaries and business interviews.
The Internet continued to grow as a marketing tool and outlet for independent creators to display their work. Internet TV continued to improve in quality, efficiency and rivaling network television. Online viewing has become less foreign to viewers and creativity flourished.
Independent producers gained popularity, demonstrating that Internet TV was a legitimate medium, and that web series would be more than a passing fad. The major networks and studios took notice of the trend, and began to debut their own original series.

Debit Card
Revivot Debit Card is a plastic usable physical and virtual card that you can securely carry and withdraw money, can be used instead of cash while making purchases.
Advantages of the Revivot Debit Cards for our privileged members include being safer than carrying cash, global functioning due to Visa and MasterCard world merchant acceptance.
No need to worry about holding cash, paying a credit card bill or even going into debt, the opportunity is available for our privileged members "over the age of 18" to apply for the debit card and be accepted without regard to the credit quality.






Leaders Summit


Revivot Is A Global Leadership Community



We Invite All Qualified Leaders To Join Us For All Expenses Paid Incentives Trips To Dubai